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tv   Today  NBC  December 29, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right, everybody. it's funday monday. december 28th, getting close to the end of the year. we hope that everybody had a very merry christmas and a happy weekend. it's amazing how time flies. we're going to be counting down
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the top ten moments in pop culture and entertainment. ? and if those pounds have already started creeping on, we'll show you how to slim down without break ago ing a sweat. >> and we have neat ideas for kids while they're home. >> isn't it how you're getting back to life, it's like an emptiness that happens after the holidays. that or -- >> i'm in a completely different mode now. when your children are young, it's much more frenetic, much more craziness. now that i'm old and a widow, you know, it just seems every day's the same. every day's the same. and happy new year. [ laughter ] >> you find humor in everything. people feel awkward when you joke like that. >> it's a survival kit.
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but it is one of those things. it's like a wedding. you spend so much time preparing for something, and the day's over. >> i'm always relieved when the holidays are over. i really. i like thanksgiving the most, because it's one day, and it's over. and the expectations are less. >> but they say one of the best feelings people have is the anticipation of something good happening. it's not so much something good happening, it's the pregame. >> but that can set you up for major disappointment. >> anyway, welcome back from your holiday and your disappointment and guilt and all the other things you're feeling. >> the holiday blues. >> we're going to introduce tim in a second, because he's going to remind us how many times we've forgotten that were huge at the time. about. we talked about them ad nauseam.
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>> created nausea? >> and also the blues. >> look at his pants. >> i like a visible ankle or i like a visible sock. >> okay so you must spend a lot of time on the sock. >> i spend a lot of time on my outfit, happy new year to you, too. >> we're going to discuss some of the things kath and i couldn't stop talking about. what? january. >> last january. don't confuse me. eggnog. okay. so that was when theresa giudice remember that? for fraud. sentence next year. >> which is soon. >> right.
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is the dress black or is it blue or gold? >> i never got that controversy. >> now it's gold. >> and who cares at the time. >> that looks like blue and gold to me. >> it has blue in it? >> i see robin, robin egg blue. >> in the white area, you're talking about? >> yes. right there! where the robin egg blue is. see it? it's robin egg blue and gold. >> it looks like white and gold to me. i used to see blue the last >> now the llamas. >> remember, they escaped. we had a couple of days of fun with that one. katy perry rocked the halftime show when she danced with the sharks. here's a question. who won last year's super bowl? >> i don't know. the patriots. >> oh, deflategate. >> i never understood why the sensation.
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it's the left shark. >> okay. >> anyway, how about this picture of bill belichick, he kissed his 30-year-old daughter. and at that caused a lot of -- >> he's fond of her. >> the patriots did win the super bowl. and of course that was deflate gate. and do you remember what movie was so hot that we must have done how many segments on it? >> way too many. >> "fifty shades of grey." >> i was watching the whitey bulger story. i'm watching with cody, and i go, is that dakota johnson playing his wife? that's his wife! she had her clothes on, so i didn't recognize her, bum, bum, ba. the second installment comes out in 2017.
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justin bieber got roasted. they said it was going to transform his career. did it happen? >> no, he had other bad behavior problems afterwards. it might have temporarily done something. >> his music sales did well. all right, the apple watch. they said everyone's going to have an apple watch. raise your hand if you have an apple watch in our studio, just zack. just zack! all right. so zack is one out of 30. >> i'm going to return it. it's a waste of money. >> whoa. >> we're sorry. >> bah hum bug to you too. >> and remember, it's zack. >> "pitch perfect two" made $268 million. the highest-grossing musical of all time.
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the whole film, ready? do it. boots with the fur the whole group was lookin' at her she hit the floor low, low, low, low, low, low >> oh, no! >> it's not ihoda day, and you don't -- >> can you handle this? i don't know all the words. >> i can't handle it. >> oh. it was just like "daddy" from "gangnam style." >> going to be out in 2017 along with the second 50 shades. now let's move on to summer. >> summer. >> remember rachel dolezal? she was the person who said she was black. >> she identified as black even though she's born caucasian. >> white. >> what's the difference? >> nothing. i just was reiterating another
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she was transracial. >> anyway. >> i wonder what she's up to now. >> wonder. >> hope she's found peace. >> these people who are so big in the news. >> it's the hottest, hottest five seconds. >> how about american pharoah. >> and the backlash against selfie sticks again. i hated them from the minute they came out. >> you don't even like selfies. >> no. disney, and six flags and many others have fish officially banned them. because you can get hurt. >> you can't take them on rides. >> in july, fans stood in line in bookstores for the release of the sequel to "to kill a mockingbird." >> your sister. >> what? what? >> kathie lee, harper lee.
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own private idaho. let me live here. and also the ashley madison website was hacked. >> the real names and addresses okay? >> why do you wag your finger at people. . whatever. >> are we done yet? year. theresa giudice. >> she kept changing it herself. >> when the pope visited in september, it was an amazing thing. and then right after the pope, there was pizza rat. [ laughter ] >> you see what a year? you didn't even have to watch our show all year. >> i really liked pizza rat. i felt that way, if i could just get it home. if i could just get it home.
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and here's where tim and his socks come in. >> we're going to play a game. easels. i'll watch the lines. and i'm going to give you some trivia questions from pop culture throughout the year. and whoever writes it first wins. >> and we're not going to remember it. i didn't watch any of those. >> who, which actor/singer hosted this year's oscars. >> oscars? >> was it chris rock? >> no, it was three names. >> michael harris. >> harris is the right last name. >> ed harris? >> ed harris? it's three names. how i met your mother. >> kathie lee. >> thank you. >> neil patrick harris.
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songs from "sound of music." >> carrie underwood? >> gaga. >> kathie lee guessed it. >> carrie underwood! >> carrie did it for nbc, which is right, so i get a point! >> no, no you do not. >> which film won best picture this year. >> oh, i know. >> the weird one. >> the weird one. >> it was the one that was shot with one camera. >> that's correct. >> "bird man." >> i said one camera. come here, folk cus on my thing. >> all right, all right, which singer took home four big awarsd including record of the year and song of the year. >> taylor! >> you're both wrong! it's sam smith.
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no, adele's album just came out. >> you are down to number six, hoda. you're not planning ahead. >> what comedian shocked everybody by dancing to a performance of "chandelier." >> say that again? >> which comedienne -- >> amy poehler. amy poehler! >> i'm going to say it was amy schumer. >> no. >> who was if t? >> it was kristen wiig. >> tiebreaker! tiebreaker! >> let's go. quickly. >> what american pop singer who sometimes sounds british took a bad fall at the brit awards and got pulled by her cape. >> madonna! >> hail g for the win!
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more calories. holidays, no detoxing. >> we have a lot of fun with you, and we love you very much. >> i love you, too. i'm saddened by your lack of pop culture knowledge. i'm here like once a month telling you about. >> ask me anything about the bible and i'm good. >> all right, i give up on that. >> all right, from jen and ben to caitlyn to one direction. more pop culture. >> we have the year's biggest stories in pop culture and
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it's been an incredible year in pop culture. we've seen the rise and fall of hollywood stars and shocking breakups. >> we cannot get enough of him. our friend, entertainment senior writer, tim stack. >> we call him our stackable. >> and we promise, we're going to listen for next year now. >> i'm here like once a month. >> there was a member of the kardashian clan obviously who made lots of headlines. caitlyn did. >> caitlyn jenner. this is one of the biggest stories of the year. bruce announced his transition on a diane sawyer interview on abc. it was an incredible interview. i thought it was really moving, and obviously, it has been a year. it's been very big for him. she won the espy award. >> i think it was the first time a lot of people saw her
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>> yes, the first time people saw her in a gown. and she looked incredible. and she candidate vanity fair cover. and she also did the vanity fair cover that annie leeb wit shot, corset. >> charlie sheen had a big interview with matt lauer not too long ago. >> that might have also been one year. >> there were rumors that a major star was going to reveal that he was hiv-positive, and charlie did indeed that he's hiv-positive and has been this way for a few years now. in this day and age, there's no shame in it. and, you know, you can get wonderful treatment. i do think it's a great thing for america to see someone dealing with this. and awareness breeds education and, i don't know. >> the stories going to continue.
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many, many other things being revealed, too. >> we said some good-bye to some tv shows in 2015. >> we said good buy to "parks and rec." and "two and a half men", "glee," which i loved and "mad men" and "parent hood." "mad men" was iconic and made amc a destination for quality tv, it changed the game in terms of cable. "glee" was so game changing. >> and taylor swift had a great year. >> look at that jazzy jacket. >> she had a great year. she was on tour with 1989. her tour was the celebrity cameo. it was like the place, mick
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morissette, all of these people sang. lisa kudrow sang "smelly cat." john legend. she created like a girl squad gee e gigi hadid. surrounded by models, like my life. >> and you can't forget adele year. >> she probably i wins, because she broke all records. she's delightful. >> we all love her. >> and we love you. >> i love you ladies, too. what are we doing for new year's? >> something fun. >> something kinky. >> don't be left behind when the clock strikes 12:00. >> how to get dressed and out the door in 20 seconds. it's possible. ble. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's
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so are you going to ring in 2016 with a cocktail party? >> year' going to have you ready in 15 seconds or less. ess. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne?
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uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out.
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count down is on for the big new year's eve ball when it drops in times square. >> and you'll need to be ready even looking good before the clock strikes midnight. >> and here to get you dressed and ready in 30 seconds or less is the author of "get it", getting your "it" together. >> we have some brave women here who have nothing but undergarments on underneath their towels. and you're going to set a timer, and they're each going to get dressed in 30 seconds or less? >> yes. >> we have jennifer. >> yes. and you can get some great new year's looks without spending a lot of money and time. >> jennifer's going to a cocktail pare. >> yes, she's our cocktail. >> ready? let's see it.
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shape wear. and i love this dress from burlington stores for $40. you can be the lbd, you can never go wrong. but i love that it has nice detail, the sequins, giving her a little pizzazz. she's slipping on pointy pumps to elongate the legs and slipping on earrings. >> five, four, three, two! good one! >> that dress is so cute. >> really flattering on her. >> nice. >> loort all right, key ahna. >> she's going tout to a dressy dinner. 30 seconds on the clock for ms. kiana. >> i love a one and done piece like a jump seat. this is nicole by nicole miller for jc penney.
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it's $68. little sparkly detailing. great for a curvier figure. sparkly pumps, $14. >> $14? >> $14. >> oh, my gosh. >> adding on -- >> get that bracelet on, girl! >> girl. >> can i pull that off? i hate that. >> pull that off. >> she looks gorgeous. and that shoulder detailing is so big right now. >> wow, you did it! >> okay. are you headed to a formal affair? >> yes. it can be done. a formal dress in 30 seconds. >> all right, go. >> i love this dress from it weighs under $50.
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>> that's amazing. >> and it's slip on and go. and it has a lot of detailings that are flattering. covers up the arm. >> a little cold shoulder. >> a little shoulder detail and the sweetheart neckline. and a faux fur topper and gold accessories. >> two and one! >> wow! >> by the way, it's unbelievable when you think about it. >> she looks great. >> when guys tell us, what's taking you so long? >> hair and makeup is what's taking so long. >> all right, elizabeth is going to a casual gathering with some friends. are you ready? no pressure, elizabeth. >> 30 on the clock! >> go for elizabeth. >> so tell us about her outfit. >> a little more casual look. everybody has a dark pair of jeggings. these are wild blue denim from
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they have a lot of stretch, come up higher on the hip. we got 60% off by using the retail me not app. >> get those shoes on, darling. >> those wedges that she can -- >> you got it! >> she had more to do. >> she has a lot of pieces. i know. and the pearl necklace. >> i love the pearls. >> that's beautiful. >> and the shoes were designed by a podiatrist. >> really? >> vionic. so she's going to be dancing the night away, right? >> happy new year, everybody! >> put out your sleeping bags and snacks, we'll show you how to host the best sleepover ever for your kids. >> and what if you could burn calories without breaking a sweat.
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janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours.
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all right, if you've stepped on the scale the past few weeks, you may have noticed a few extra pounds creeping up. >> and we've still got new year's eve to go. we will show you how to burn hundreds of calories without breaking a sweat. and here with us, malen burn strom and jaclyn emerick. >> we're not going to be sweating, but we're going to do a little work out and eating right? >> being mindful and paying a little attention. you don't have to do much to have a big payoff. >> let's pretend, madeline, that we are here in the kitchen.
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>> we know the salad dressing gives you a lot of calories. take the fork, dip it into this, and get your greens. >> oh, okay. >> because you see how tiny that was? >> if you did this once a day, you'll lose a pound in a month, just by doing that. and you get flavor in every bite. real salad dressing, nothing fake. >> let's pretend like we're eating dry salad. and we want to do some exercises while we're in the kitchen. >> we've got cans around. you grab two cans. >> i like your can. >> so you can curl, biceps and rotate the hands, that's shoulders and come back for the triceps. >> this is what we need. >> i do that every day with 10-pound weights. ones would be great! >> what other thing should we eat?
2:37 am
you see food, you eat it. what you want to keep on your counter is fruits and vegetables, instead of munching. you could save 500 calories a day if you swapped out something, some vegetables. you do this once a day, you're going to lose two or three pounds. >> that's smart. >> out of sight, out of mind. >> what can we do to work out while we're eating our munchies. >> you have your step stool to reach and get something out of the cabinet. do this, get the heart rate up. >> look what she's doing. >> and add a butt lift when you get to the top. >> hey, hey, hey. >> and what if we happened to have big rolling pins in our house? >> these are great. they're a little bit heavy here. you can do a great hamstring and buttocks exercise. shift the butt back. and you can keep it close to the leg and do a little roll out there, a good stretch.
2:38 am
>> if you want a good shoulder raise right there. >> and the dead lifts. >> we're baking, right? >> all right, we like that. back to the munchies. >> one of the biggest mistakes everybody makes, they think, i'm not going to eat or drink anything all day so i can load up at the party. if you have some calories, you'll save 500 or 600 calories, and you will save a pound or two by doing it once a week. can you have a handful of nuts, about 100 calories. cheese stick with some fat, because you want fat and protein. it keeps you fuller. or low-fat yogurt. not fat free. the fat is there to help you. water goes through you and fills you up for five or ten minutes. >> what if you're doing laundry? and you want to do exercises at the same time.
2:39 am
>> without breaking a sweat. >> you can take advantage of the heavy laundry detergent bottles. there you go. grab the handle. grab the top. bring it all the way to one side and drop it down. like you're chopping wood. there you go. arms abs. >> what form, hoda. >> you can take a couple of them and do some biceps curls. >> here, you guys, what is this, seltzer water? >> you swap it out, you're going to lose a pound or two. >> avenue every other drink. >> every other drink. >> i like seltzer. >> are your kids bored already? >> invite their friends for a slumber party, but you won't
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with kids off from school for the holidays, that means they're probably begging you for a sleepover with a friend or maybe four. >> but don't worry, we have amanda mushro to keep the kids entertained. >> these are fun activities for the kids. party. things. >> i love this pup tent. >> it has puppies on the side. >> we're hoping at some point our slumber party guests actually go to bed. why not encourage them with this pup tent. i used pvc pipes at lowe's, they will cut it for you. i made an a-frame, connected it. isn't that so cute? >> who's in there? >> there's a person in there!
2:42 am
>> and this is just a single sheet from a twin sized bed. >> i see the arts and crafts department going on here. what's happening? >> so, to keep all the activities going, we have an activity balloon here. we write what we're doing. and then >> get ready to pop it! >> okay. >> i guess that wasn't much of a pop. >> you open it up, and it says -- we're going to -- >> like the oscars. >> make your own lantern. >> so for this lantern, we're using glee ow in the dark paint and mason jars. it glows all night long. how cute is that? >> speaking of glowing, what's ? we've got flashlight treasure hunt going on. you put your kiddos in teams.
2:43 am
dim on the lights. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> and look at everything. and now we're going to hide the glow in the dark light sticks and lights and wands all through your house, and they gather them, use their flashlights. you want to make sure you put it in the safe part of your house, and the winner is the one who gets the most glow sticks in their bag. >> if they've worked up an appetite, what have you got for them? >> we have to feed our hungry guests, and we can do that with a walking taco. i love anything that has the word "taco" in it and that they can make themselves. you take a snack size doritos, crunch it up. >> such a cute idea. >> lettuce, tomatoes. and they eat out of their bag. so when they're done, you eat it and they can make their own. and throw it away.
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i love it. >> delicious. >> i want it bad. >> hi, honey. if we're watching movies, we feed some snacks. >> we want snacks, but you don't want to fillup on snacks all night long. make a buff day and give them their own container and tray. >> put whatever you want in the bag. >> it's unusual. >> you can get all this at a party store. and i love the tray, then they have something that they can actually put on their laps. their drinks won't spill. >> yummy. >> that's good. >> those are good. and you have a little fondue thing at the end here. >> you can make this ahead of time. it's just fruit and pancakes. and you put it on a kabob and nutella. if you didn't get much sleep, eat that nutz tell la ella right out of
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it is the last time this year we're going to share our favorite things. >> it is elizabeth arden, it's like a tint, if you go out and get the paper in the morning, it's a a tint with spf. $21, and it just moisturizes. >> my favorite thing is a have been so kind and loving to me and my
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hoda, too.
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